Yoga Room

I Have you ever hit a slump? I have hit about a million in my life, and over come them as well! But lately I am feeling very different about life. I am really appreciating this season that I am in because I feel wiser, but I also see a lot of work that needs to be done if I want to relax and enjoy life. I am extremely high strung, but with depressive tendencies to withdraw from life. If something is not going well I sit on it. What really ifs bringing on this internal reflection is my morning routine. Every morning I hate life. i roll around in bed unaware of the ticking clock until BAM! I’ve got ten minutes to get dressed AND get to work. What is it about me that I can’t get out of bed when the first alarm goes off? Why to I resent getting up? When I do get up early I love the time I get to myself. There is just this moment between sleep and waking that is Jekyll and Hyde and I have GOT to change it. This, as well as the way I handle other things in my life: with resent and procrastination.

To help me I am trying to stay away from high impact activities and turn toward eastern philosophy. (I do want to start running again… as long as it’s not a stress trigger!)

I have been practicing yoga a lot lately with the help of the Down Dog App! It is fantastic for beginners or anyone really. I love this app because it puts together a yoga flow based on experience as well as time. You can also choose between a regular flow or restorative. ***Bonus points if you follow creator, Adrienne Kimberley, on Instagram!


Because I moved not too long ago, and my things have slowly trickled into the house, I have found myself overwhelmed by personal belongings. This move and new outlook have given me the opportunity to clear some clutter out of my immediate space and some things permanently. We will be adding on this year, then I will be able to give many of my things a permanent home and get rid of many others! I’m very excited for that time, but for now I decided I needed to clear things out of the spaces I spend time in.


In doing so I realized I had enough room for a yoga and meditation space! I have decided to decorate it in an eastern style with symbols starting with a mandala and Buddha statue. I am trying to be careful not to bring too many tiny decorations into the space. Things that are symbolic or useful only.

Here is my inspiration board!

yoga room 2.PNG

The tapestry was a hard decision to make. There are so, so many choices online, but I found the prices at urban outfitters to be a little too out there. I found this one at Jaipur Art Factory for 15-20 dollars. I just love the royal peacock colors. There is a hint of mustard, which is one of my old favorites. I was initially drawn to a light colored tapestry with yellow tones, but found it not to be traditional looking enough. I am forever also drawn to blue-greens! I found this mat, which at $100 is wayyyy more than I want to spend, at Houzz. It matches so perfectly and is bright enough to lighten up the room. I fear the dark tapestry will make the room too dark, but other decor elements can help and I would prefer a serene dark blue over red or orange any day.

The shelving unit I already own. The tapestry is a DIY from A Beautiful Mess! I have the cording, I just need to get the copper pipe. These pillows came form all over. They are here for visualization rather than being exact. I will purchase pillows that I come across. I have an aloe plant in the room, and I am considering getting another plant. The salt lamp is functional, as it purifies the air! The Buddha is symbolic and important in some peoples practices. The lantern is for ambiance and the basket is for storing blankets!

So, while it is starting to look a little cluttered, I think that all of these items are really functional. Pillows for meditating as well as color and texture. Salt lamp and plants for purification as well as bringing the grounding element of nature inside. The lantern to invite a soft glow into nighttime practices. A basket to keep the room tidy. A mirror to expand the room. A wall hanging for a personal touch and to bring more white into the room. A mandala tapestry and Buddha for symbolic and aesthetic purposes.


Here is the progress I have made and where I want to place some things. The craft corner of the room is still pretty out of control, but the sewing table top is clear now! We took the bookcase to the basement because all it was doing was allowing me to clutter things up. It was worse off than in the first room picture above!

Top left: Inside the O is where I plan to place a table for the salt lamp and the Buddha. I will also be looking for a new pot for my aloe plant. I have the wall hanging planned of course, but I’m undecided on art for the time being.

Top right: The tapestry! To the lower right of the mirror I will place the lantern and basket.

Bottom left: I am dreaming up some mandala or lotus DIY art for the empty wall. This space is so much more clear. I had a lot of little things on my desk that I moved away.

Bottom right: I want to find some cute wall storage to keep my crafts organized. I also need to find something to keep my school binders in. The black amp is there for good. It is my boyfriends and it really has no other home. The box is full of crafts that i may try to find a better looking container for.

So there you have it! From stressed out to yoga-fied! My feelings and decor plans all in one bundle, haha.

Thank you for letting me share a little bit more about myself and my struggles with anxiety. I change decor like most women cut their hair when needing a change! I can’t wait to share the final product! This room is moving fast in comparison to the rest of the home! And you can see I’m leaning towards a more “World Market” look rather than “farm house”. I still love that I can incorporate elements of both and more into my style!

Are you into any big life changes or healing practices?

“I’m ready to slow down. I’m ready to simplify. I’m ready to receive… While yoga has awakened me to my potential and seen me through some dramatic changes, yoga also reminds me that doing less enables me to receive more. I’m open, I’m listening, I’m ready” – Adrienne Kimberley

Healing Practices

If you follow my Pinterest you will find that I have a board titled “Healing Practices“. It is not very full, but this is where I keep all of the “hippie” things that interest me. And when I use that term I mean healing practices that are viewed as alternative here in the Western World. (Yoga, aromatherapy, meditation, etc.) You know… hippie stuff! 🙂 As someone who feels like they have battled with depression, or a clogged emotional brain as I like to call it, I have always sought out natural remedies for those times I’m feeling low, out of sorts, or unfocused. Its mind and body folks!

In the interest of my mental and physical health, as related to my New Year’s Resolution, I decided to take the plunge on an essential oil diffuser. A friend was hoping to meet her quota for Scentsy and I decided it was time to do it! So I purchased the Aspire Scentsy Diffuser!


Folks, I am NOT disappointed.

While it has only been plugged in for about an hour I can already say to heck with any reviews that had something negative to say.

You can see that the shade comes separately! Meaning, you can change your style if you wish! I cant wait to see what new styles they come out with next!

The instructions claim that it will last for 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low. There is also an intermittent setting that will last for 8 hours.

I purchased this diffuser, mainly, to have at my desk while I am studying and blogging.

4 hours is PLENTY of time!

It is so simple to use. You pour in some water and a few drops of oil and press on. DONE.

It says you are able to use tap water even, but I will try to stick to filtered as much as possible.

I’m thinking I may want another for the living room. I can see myself using mostly energizing scents in my office to stay focused, but in the living room I could really have fun with seasonal scents, relaxing scents before bed, or energizing scents for cleaning house!


I was not ready to purchase Scentsy brand oils as I already had eucalyptus and rosemary, but I just HAD to go out and find something citrus! How cute is this?!

And it took me some time to figure out the light settings. While Im a fan of a traditional warm glow, the colors can be fun from time to time!


The ONLY downsides to these, that I can see so far, are that I will need one for each room that I expect to smell them in and I don’t think that they have an automatic off. Our home is very traditional, so there are lots of walls and the scent couldn’t travel if it tried. It’s output really seems to be for one room, which is fine, just have that expectation when you purchase. It would work well in the common area of an apartment that has an open concept.

***UPDATE: The diffuser DOES shut off when it runs out of water! The light will stay on, they are two separate functions. ALSO, mine has 13 colors in the color mode when they state that there are three. I had to geek out and count them. I have an extra blue color between purple and fuchsia…? It appears to go back to “azure”.

I think what I love MOST about these diffusers is that this company took one of its strong points, aesthetically pleasing scent machines, and answered the call of nature; that is their customers demands for a natural option for scents! So many diffusers out there do what these do, but don’t look have as pretty.

The lamps (Thats the diffuser and fancy shade) are $130, and I have yet to find out what the price range of their oils are. Find your local sales rep if you are interested!

I’m thinking about purchasing some essential oil blends from Young Living. They are QUITE a bit more, however…  like you will pay $20 for 15 ml of eucalyptus, when I probably paid $8-9 for the NOW brand. NOW also has some great looking blends that I will have to look through! I know so many people love Young living though.

Anyone an essential oil fan? Do you like Young Living, NOW, and/or Scentsy or some other brand?  Do you have any other types of healing practice you enjoy? I can’t wait to share more about healing practices with you!

*I was NOT paid by Scentsy or any other brand to do this review. I just love to spread the love! And aromatherapy is good for you! Kiss your brain!