A Note on Life and Procrastination

Can I write a personal post, for a change and an update? Well, of course I can. I have been  busy with my classes this semester (big surprise right?), and it’s only just the beginning for me. On the plus side being busy keeps me from thinking that something is missing in my life. On the down side it has taken me over a month to adjust to the new schedule and teachers.

Michael started his new job and the shop, where I work, closes an hour earlier now, so both of us are off at 5! I also have a come-to-Jesus with my Educational Psychology homework. We were not doing well together. I realized that I needed to be motivated, whether I felt like it or not. So far it seems to have made a great difference. I will truly know when I get my grade back on an upcoming project.

As far as farmhouse items go, I have been busy decorating and perfecting for Autumn, when I can be. I am almost ready to take some photographs. I think I will go ahead and do this Sunday or Monday, my days off. The weekend after next I will get to decorate the front “porch”. I’m so much further behind everyone else, but I have homework that is tons more important and a new house that deserves so much more than many of my dinky apartment decorations. If you follow my Instagram you can see a few sneak peeks.

In the way of fitness. I dropped off just before September. I am making an effort to regroup very soon. I miss running. and now that schedules are syncing and flowing I think I will be able to get back with it. Especially with food planning. I get very mental about things you see and it causes me to withdraw. I call it being lazy. I am lazy. But it’s more likely often a result of my anxiety. I throw lots of pity parties for myself, mentally.

As for other things in my life… it’s always quite interesting! I have been Happy Planning away, I decorated for and witnessed a wedding at the Harley Shop, I have been to Colorado on the motorcycle (hope to share pictures with you soon as well!), went shopping with my mom for all things great, I have been in an amazing classroom for my internship and taught some lessons, and I continue to find ways to improve after being in a slump!

Some of the changes I have made, which really are just adulting:

  1. Buying groceries with a plan. I haven’t really been doing this. I have been relying on Michael to come up with ideas for dinner and grill. So I was quite proud when I bought myself some breakfast foods, some snacks for both of us and dinner for two meals this week. I didn’t even break the bank! When Michael came home from work, the chicken and dumplings were ready to eat! It was a perfect Monday. I hope to keep this going.
  2. Syncing schedules has helped a ton. I have so far been able to convince Michael to help me clean up after dinner, and we have been eating at the table. He helps wash some of the dishes which is better than nothing and I super appreciate it. I’m able to put leftovers away and dry them and then finish the rest. He also takes out the trash the majority of the time.
  3. Doing my homework with a plan in mind. When I started visiting a friend regularly, sort-of, I felt the need to get certain homework items out of the way earlier than my normal procrastinating self does. And somehow I stuck with it. Now I get the discussion boards done a day early, and after my problems with Ed Psych I’m reading that text book through out the week rather than the couple of days before things are due. I tell you it feels great at the end of the evening when it’s 9:30-10:00 and I’m able to stop and relax and read a fun book or watch a show with out any stress. Often I can even not do any homework Friday or Saturday because I am far enough ahead! It’s really rewarding.
  4. And a simple change in setting for homework has done wonders. I began reading my Ed Psych text at the table to give me a greater sense of importance. I was not giving it enough attention on the couch. I began reading and highlighting and making note-cards for vocabulary and even rereading for summarize the major chucks of concepts they want us to be able to explain. It’s been fantastic. So yes, I do my homework in three different places at home!
  5. Of course having my Happy Planner has helped me. I keep track of my homework using the side bar. Other important dates, to-do’s, or what homework I feel like concentrating on that night get written in the regular daily part.


All in all, I’m sad that it has taken me so long to realize how great it feels to not be a procrastinator, but I know in my heart I will always be fighting this! Thankfully I know what needs to be done to get on track, up so speed, and ahead of the deadlines! And maybe this information makes me seem really ridiculous, oblivious, or even naive and child like. I’m ok with that. We all fight our own battles. My life has been relatively easy, especially working at a Harley shop, but being in school gives me more responsibility, and it’s only going to increase. I just wanted to share some things that I have found help me function at home and with homework a little bit better.

So this busy bee will try to keep some future updates in mind!


-Fall Decor

-New Work Wardrobe (Oh, YES. LOFT LOVE!)

-Possibly Happy Planner and craft room/office related


Thanks everyone!




Gold Dust Woman


My birthday has come and gone (5/20) and SO much happened in that week that I can’t even really fully tell you about everything, but I can start with the most exciting part of it…

I bought a motorcycle!


After learning how to ride and being told I should be on a 650 I naturally went for a 1200…HA! But really this all happened because we found out Harley was wanting us to get rid of the ’13s and ’14s we had and the one I have been lusting after happened to be a 2013! So I got a really goo deal on it and the guys and Michael helped set me up with mid-controls so that I can reach everything, hehe.


Each time I’m on it I find myself focusing on a skill to work on. You know when something doesn’t sound right or smooth.

I’ve ridden some in town and mostly on country highways.


I’m thankful to have found another female rider at the same level of experience as I am! We probably would have never normally found each other as friends, yet here we are making plans to ride. I owe a lot of thanks to the guys in my life that have helped me stay going.


They were pretty exhausted trying to get my friend’s sporty started.

Shes my Gold Dust Woman because of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. She’s gold yes, but she’s a gypsy and a heart-breaker.

I’m doing my best to get my skills down so that I am able to attend an all female bike rally this year or next. I never would have thought I would love this hobby so much, but it’s been great to me.

Anyway! This is my ball-and-chain for the next 4-5 years! Ooodahlally!



Babes Ride Too

What a wild month it has been so far! It’s been over two weeks since my last post, but don’t worry, I have been running around like crazy and accomplishing some things along the way.

Last weekend I went out of town to take motorcycle lessons!


Yeah! This girl is certified to ride! And when I get my license renewed it will be ‘M’ Class. Oh yeah! I still have a little bit more practice to go. Our class practiced a lot of low-gear maneuvering. We never had the bikes up to 30 mph. Working at a Harley/Honda/Yamaha shop I will be able to take a used trade-in out for a spin to get a better feel for regular riding before making a purchase.


If you have any preconceived notion about “bikers” or motorcycle riding, ladies, throw.them.out.the.window. This is a ladies sport too. And after working 3 years here I have a really good basic knowledge of parts and service. I am able to talk to the guys on a different level. Some are surprised I know what I know. I have met some of the most generous, down to earth, and non judgmental people. “All kinds of kinds” as you’ll  hear me say about our customers.


If you have any interest in riding bikes, please get a hold of your local rider course instructors. This was the biggest confidence boost for me and the friend I went with. The first reason I decided to take a course was from experience in learning from a boyfriend/dad. It usually ends in an argument and often tears. These courses are designed to describe things in a way that a beginner will understand and build gradually. The second reason to take a course is that you often will not need to take the test at the DMV. They will see your certificate and know you have passed the rigorous test that these certified instructors have tested you on. I also liked that it basically prepared you for riding in a wardrobe sense as well. I now have the gloves, boots, and glasses so I’m ready to go whenever! (My own helmet is on its way!)


Things you will need before beginning: Helmet, long sleeve shirt/jacket, pants, boots that cover the ankle (no high heel), full finger gloves, and eye protection. And an open mind!

I was extremely nervous the whole time. practicing the weaving and slow curves had me very uneasy. And I don’t think that weaving is a thing that you will run into very often, but practicing them allowed us to get a feel for leaning into a turn and pulling on the throttle. you have to have power to get through a turn. Our first reaction is to slow down, but even like on a bicycle, when you are leaning in a curve you must have power for the centrifugal force to happen and pull you through. Accelerate out of the turn right?!

Another thing to note is that these rigorous tests are BEGINNER tests. They have prepared you for them! These classes are not necessarily simple or easy, but they are not difficult either. You MUST apply yourself. If you do that, you will be fine for everything!

This was a New Years resolution item for me. I said ‘YES’ to something and accomplished a new skill! Life is SUCH an adventure! Now… to get back to work on a 10k!!!