First Ever Lululemon Purchase

Ok folks. I did it. I took the plunge and ordered three pieces from Lululemon. I have been very into yoga lately and it’s what all of the cool kids wear right… *gag* What really got me to do it was the AMAZING Dottie Tribe print. I wanted to purchase the legging, but it was sold out so I decided to try bra with the same print. And if you give a mouse a lululemon bra, she’s going to want some pants and a top too!

I did this to build up a nice small yoga wardrobe. Maybe three tops, bottoms, and bras that can be mixed and matched. I want my yoga clothes to be performance and like…well…butter! I’m sure I will continue to add to it if I can fall in love with the brand… Let’s see how it fares for me.

First Item:


Energy Bra

This bra was too small. I am a 31″ bust. This is supposed to fit a 30″. The band would have been doable, but the part that cuts across the lats really CUT. So return, I must. I will be purchasing a different style in the future… I think!


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.01.12 PM.png

High Times Pant

BUTTER. These pants feel like butter. I love the high cut. I have been so tired of pants cutting my off on my “love handles”. There’s room above and room below, but not in between! I really love the dye effect of them. They are not a too light of grey for me.


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.02.12 PM.png

Salute the Sun Tank

Ohhhhhh Lulu… Where did it all go really wrong?! How can you guys make a bra for a woman with a bust smaller than a 32A, but your smallest top, a 2, is TOO BIG?! This is the sole reason I tend to order the smallest size of top in any brand… This top has a fun dye effect like the pants as well, and a unique back. I love the spilt at the bottom, the hole in the center of the back is so-so. I can’t decide if I want to keep this or not. I have to wear it with the front plunging, which lets you see my bra, which can be fun, but something in me always hates the feeling that I’m wearing something that doesn’t fit. And it sucks even more because I know its do to my small frame, narrow shoulders, and small shoulder strap measurement.

Could I possibly get this tailored? I have no idea. I know that most of the time this is an issue I will deal with for the rest of my life, but I just find it so bizarre that a company will sell teeny tiny bras, and no teeny tiny tops for that customer.

I’m going to wear it around the house for a bit before I decide.

So far we are 2 for 3. 1 for the pants and .5 for each the top and bra. If the next bra fits and I decide to keep the top we will probably be at 2.5 for 3! lol I’m gonna stay so-so on the top.

The pants are MINE! Muahahahahaaaaa

ugh… I might have become a Lulu addict.

What are your favorite Lulu pieces? Share some information about their product with me! Any fans of other brands or pieces of athletic clothing?


Running Record Resolution

I’m back with another resolution update. I hate to leave everyone hanging, it has been som e times since my last post, but I also try not to constantly post OOTD/Update type stuff… I like stuff with real substance, but then what would a blog be with out a real person behind it?!

So here’s another update of a different kind!


I mentioned that fitness is always a part of renewing myself or personal growth, especially in the new year. Normally I keep plans and goals that are risky to myself. I’m afraid of be scoffed or failing, or worse… scoffed into failing! But I have learned that there is a great freedom in being open with your goals, and it is humbling to fail and try again.

Last year I did a fair amount of working out. I decided to try to embrace the gym. Oh, man do I really love lifting weights! I really do! But I did not like it enough to continue after my membership expired. There was something about spending an hour or more with all kinds of grunting sweaty strangers that were using all of the things you wanted to. There was something difficult about thinking of what were the right exercises to be performing and reps and sets. There was something exhausting about planning my day around all of it and not seeing results as fast as you wished. I can truly appreciate the sport because I have given it an Ashley try. I commend weight lifters and body builders. You have strength, focus, drive, and patience.

So here I am. Avoiding a yoga class that I am afraid will cost me our the ying-yang and that I will end up not liking… And I put on my running shoes instead.

I looked at the amazing past progress I had made on Nike+, then the coach feature of the app. A beginner 10K program that took 8 weeks. I looked up a race that was a little over 8 weeks out and set up my program and did it. I’m just doing it. I am only in the 3rd week, so I might be getting my hopes up. But Ashley really is a runner. She just never felt confident enough to call herself one until now.

Funny things always happen when you make a choice like this in your life. Here I was worried about paying so much for memberships… My Lunar Flyknits have 13 miles on them according to Nike+ and they are clapped. They probably have more than 13, but not 250!

So yes, of course I got some new shoes! My ankles were bleeding and me feet were so sore. So… here I am still spending money, but there is something different about doing it for something that you love. Whether the love is in the moment or not. I’m about as impulsive as a Taurus gets! Good news is I am feeling NO pain in the side of my knee now!


How’d my very first run go?

I felt terrible. I felt worse starting out than I can ever remember starting out before. I am officially getting older and it’s time that I take charge of my health and not take such a long break between. I hadn’t been to the gym since AUGUST! What was my excuse all winter? I was working full time, going to school…But I was giving up. I felt I had done all that I could do. Here I am, full time with two internships and trying to kill it. I guess some desperate times make you finally reach for a little salvation.

So running has always been there for me. I’ve been running since the 7th grade. But for the first time in my life, I feel like I am there for running too. Looking back at these photos I am so impressed with what I have accomplished in the last 3 weeks!

So yes, while I wish I had the money and time to blog about nothing other than home decor and crafts, I am a real person, trying really hard to better themselves in more areas than one! This Taurus is a jack of all trades! I can’t wait to share more with you. A progress update before I get to sure of myself about this race! Yes, I’m still nervous!

Are any of you runners? What are your favorite ways to stay healthy?


Goals for the New Year

It has been a strange last few days for me from an internal point. I’m experiencing a lot of changes or interactions that are causing me to have a little bit of an existential crisis. More like an alarm. Imma be ok. Don’t you worry. But with all of this… I’m coming much closer to the goals I want to set for myself. I usually like to encompass several areas of my life that are important.


These are:


I have always been an on off fitness girl. I know how to put in hard work to achieve results, but other things in my life will happen and usually my fitness routine is the first to be impacted. I have always considered myself a runner, but I am also interested in yoga and passionate about weightlifting. Resistance training makes you strong. NOT manly.

My goal for myself is to do ONE of these three things 5 days a week. I may jump-start myself by paying for a month of yoga classes.

I think there is also a lot to be said for my mental health, and having a fitness outlet will help with stress from my full time job that my roles are always growing in and college.


-Life Experiences

There are two things I have been wanting. To experience a new place and get motorcycle lessons and a license. Michael and I have taken a trip every year since we have been together so I know that I will be able to do this, but it is our hope that we get to experience a new state this year. I hope that I can push for him to include a little bit of camping and hiking because these are two things that I really love.

Getting my motorcycle license would be a huge achievement because I would be able to make a statement for other women. My mom even knows how to ride a dirt bike so that’s motivation for me as well as having worked at a Harley shop for, soon, 3 years. There is a motorcycle on the floor that came in when I first started. It is a 48 Sportster in gold flake. I call her my Gold Dust Woman because I’m a huge Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan. It would be so crazy if that bike became mine. At this point it costs much less because it is 2 or more years older. So it’s a possibility if they never take it to auction.

Both of these things will be fun to share with you.



My goal for my career is to do the best I can while I am at work and school and staying organized with my schoolwork at home. I feel into a big mess when i beginning moving out at the end of the semester so I am pushing to get as many things moved and settled before classes start.

I already have systems in place to keep myself organized that I hope I can share with you all!



I will have to begin tracking my spending like I used to now that I will be sharing bills with Michael. I don’t want to slip up on a bill or not have enough for other things like food and gas!

This will be important because I need to try to save for my big plans and for the future. A trip, motorcycle lessons, yoga classes, new furniture and decor for the home… it’s easy to get caught up


One fun personal goal I have is to create. Something I have been waiting  to do for a LONG time is get my pictures printed and put into an album and in my home! This will be a great project to share with you all!

I also plan on being plenty crafty with home decor. There are also some pieces I really need to invest in for our home and others that are not as important immediately. So it will be a humbling journey for me.