The “V” Word

I always do this. I ALWAYS stop a blog project that I start. I am the kind of human that lives inside her own head. A daydreamer. I dream of making jewelry, ceramics, doing photography, riding the heck out of my motorcycle, hiking the world, reading every book I can get my hands on. So I’m bound to fail at finishing any project for fear of failure or distraction!

Instead I end up spending my time looking at Instagram…

Well I am here to shed that layer. I am here to stop worrying about what “look” my blog has, what “niche” it feels, and who my audience is.

And specifically I’m here to tell you about my dirty little secret…



I. am. VEGAN!

I know, I know… Those vegans think the whole world wants to know that they are vegan, but really no one cares.

Well then kindly click off! If your knew to your journey, or just curious, go ahead and hang out for a minute.


Now, if I think back hard enough to 3 months ago… I can recall that I was still a member of a vegan group and I noticed an admin post a new group for NEWBIES. A safe place where the vegan police won’t slit your throat for accidentally eating an Oreo or some crackers laced with milk powder.

I joined, and it stayed in the back of my mind, and then… I just did it. I just stopped eating animal products and started making things with chickpeas. At first chickpeas dominated my protein needs. And I haven’t really looked back. Well, the other day I was remembering how delicious American and Mexican shrimp cocktails are, and then there were some other realizations: 1. do you really want to eat the cockroaches of the sea? 2. you know you’e just craving the horseradish and tomato. So I quickly, read desperately, looked for a way to make a vegan version that wasn’t gazpacho, and friends… Vegans are creative AF.

I definitely had some bumps in the road: 1. stay away from veggie straws and other snacks and treats, 2. keep working out, 3. TAKE YOUR B12!


Plant Based/Vegan eating is a roller coaster. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! If I can live in the city that has the two largest beef packing plants in the world in the middle of no where rural America and still manage to eat vegan 90% of the time, so can you. If just takes practice! And even I am still practicing!

I currently own two Thug Kitchen cookbooks as well as the Forks Over Knives cookbooks, and I try to make something out of the FOK book every other time I make dinner because I know how nutritious their recipes are. I also use pinterest for soooome ideas, but I am really inspired by the vegans on ig as well!

So if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I hope to be sharing some of the things that I have made, and I would love to share what I eat during the busy time! (Hello Toast and Muesli!)


So, here I am today. Ready to share my life with an open heart, and jsut starting off with this tid bit. I used Unsplashed photos because I’m a terrible newbie at running the rebel and I have still don’t know how to work “the cloud” for my phone pics. We’ll get there, friends! also… I’m a little bit weird… (I like tarot cards and other witchy stuff, Harry Potter, motorcycles, thinking about making art, and decorating my home. Oh, and I’m a teacher. So whatever you see on here is really just my life and interests.

Thanks for hanging out!


Working It!

I am SO excited to be returning back to school. I am blessed that I get to be back in the school I worked at for my student teaching internship! I cant believe the 3rd graders that I once helped are now in 5th, where I will be!

The other night I was up late with my anxiety and just being a night-owl/Pitta type and decided to prep my wardrobe for the upcoming first week.

Then I kept going, and I have a months worth of outfits, enough to wear something different everyday…and then some! It makes me blush that I have that much clothing, but I’m happy that I am prepared for any weather or turn of events!

It’s January and January has always felt light blue and silver to me. Anyone else give colors to the months and seasons? For example: I love wearing lots of browns, blacks, oranges, and greens in October and November moving into maroon by the end of November and then blacks and gem tones in December… the on to teals and blues in January… No? Just me! Haha.

Well I have many teals and blues to wear this months as well as blacks and light-browns.

Before we go further a HUGE apology for photographing at night. I was VERy busy today running and was stuck in town, then when I got home I HAD to clean before blogging. So the clothes will not look the greatest or true to color, and I’m in a hurry. But it was a goal to get this post out there, so here it is!

This first top is a thick sweater with 3/4 sleeves, which was an instant dream-team for me. I’m a sleeve-pusher. I’m paring it with this great iridescent-ish necklace that really captures blues. I think it give the out fit something feminine. Paired with black slacks and light brown flats makes this outfit a move away from bland for me. I think the brown flats pick up the warmth from the necklace that the slacks and top cool down, as the stones are set in gold. This sweater would be great to wear with a button up underneath, sleeves rolled.


Next, I am very excited about this. I was having a hard time wearing this white cardigan and this grey shell. For what ever reason the sweater just didn’t seem right with the outfits I was pairing it with and the grey was almost purple, but this gorgeous amazonite mala necklace picks up the greys and whites and adds a pop of teal and orange. Paired with black slacks and brown flats.



Here we have the pretty necklace again, this time with a more polished sweater in teal. Again, I photographed at night and these photos just don’t give the color it’s justice. Definitely more green in person. (Check out instagram for any full outfit photos!!! @ashleyontherun) This sweater has buttons up the back. So cute! paired with black slacks and flats.




4th day… I. LOVE. THIS. TOP. There is something so great about an oversized-sweater! This sweater feels casual, but does not look it! Paired with a pretty gold flower necklace, black slacks and brown flats.



And for my Friday outfit! As a student teacher, I am suggested by the college to not conform to the “jeans on Friday” rule of the school I am in while student teaching. So in order for me to feel a little bit more comfortable while remaining professional as well as part of the team I decided on a simple, casual striped knit top with a black open cardigan, black slacks, and black flats. This top feels like a t-shirt compared to the rest of the week, so that is why it feels casual to me! Nothing too frilly! Stay posted to my ig to see if I share the full outfit.

So that’s my first week! I had so much fun gathering like pieces and making a theme or colorstory for each week. You can tell my first week was cool blues with pops of gold/brown. I’m dying to get Valentines week prepared! It is still a little bit early yet. I have red and pink slacks so that takes care on Monday and Tuesday’s bottoms! I’m keeping an eye out for a sweater with a big heart on it! And hoping to make a cute heart necklace. The rest of the week may be slightly less decked-out, but black and white with pops of red or pink.

Tops are all from Loft, and I do believe they are all still available as of this post. The gem and flower necklace are Loft. The amazonite mala is from True Nature jewelry on Etsy. Pants are low rise ankle pants from Express. Flats are Born.

Happy 2017!

sd2fxgkdagk-brigitte-tohm (2).jpg

Well, if I recall correctly, I had a very nice, long-winded, post for the New Year 2016. This time around I don’t have the urge or time for it! I have thought about last years goals and about my goals going forward. I did not accomplish ALL of my goals last year, but I came SO MUCH further than I had imagined! I remember one of my goals had to do with running. At one point last year I ran 8 whole miles straight, no stops. no music. Just me, my phone and wristband tracking me, a squeezy packet of energy gel, and a little voice in my head repeating positive affirmations and saying silly things along the way. And my favorite running shorts of course!


2016. My ex died. In a motorcycle accident. We had been apart 3+ years, 4 in March/April. I hadn’t spoken to him once in all of that time, but because of social media I knew much of what was going on in his life. You know, the general stuff. So it hit me like a punch to the gut. I saw how free spirited he was, and recently, IN LOVE! Of course this didn’t hurt me NEARLY as much as his family and girlfriend (and son on the way), but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t upset me…for some time. It also brought a lot of people closer and changed my perspective a little bit. Whether I was forced to start operating a certain way or I was changing it based on my experiences. I felt myself lose control over work and school. I was dangling by a thread. But I was reacting to the stress of things by withdrawing. Somehow I did manage to make it out with straight A’s. Somehow I managed to scrape by at work. And then Christmas came and went. And finally the New Year. I got the chance to REALLY spend time with Michael. We went on a date. Up to this point I had finally begun feeling like myself again so it was what I really needed. Happy Planning, chatting with Sarah and Kaitlyn regularly, breaking from school work. All this time I had just been able to live life without quite so much pressure. It made me realize how capable I am at making achievements under pressure, but that it doesn’t need to feel that way. How much I need discipline, FOCUS, and to put myself first without coddling the stress and withdrawing.

So this new year, I’m reinforcing my no more working rule! After I start my student teaching internship I will only be working Saturdays! (Except this first week, there’s a bit of a transfer of power… actually the lady is on vacation so I have to come in after school to do maintenance things until she returns…THEN I’m free!)

Last year I ran my heart out. I know I can make it to a Half Marathon, so I have made a coach with Nike’s new version! I was using the old version and it deleted it when I switched! Womp Womp! So I’m super excited for this! I’m still rocking my Sacuony’s with an insole. I think that if I make it to 8 miles again I might invest in a new pair. Yoga is also a goal, 3+ days a week. I just love it, and tend to forget how much I do. I NEED it. My Fit planner is helping me visualize how much of my goals I am required to do each day. I look at it and see that I have a run planned these days, and probably Yoga on these, WOW! there’s no room to slow down! Time to focus! And the DownDog App is AMAZING. I really appreciate what it offers for a person like me that is too broke or spread thin to go to a real class. At some point however I do want to try to take some classes to connect with a real teacher and make some friends.

Nutrition is another goal, again. With working at a school being prepared for the day is going to be super important. I’m going to be a serious bag lady! Bags for: 1 or 2 for School/purse, gym, and lunch. Which is a lot when you are also carrying coffee, keys, yogurt and trying to load up your dog and lock up! haha, but having everything ready to grab from the fridge and in the bags by the door is a big goal for me.

Staying in motion. This applies to me when I get home. I tend to collapse on the couch and never get anything done in full. This is so hard for me int he winter time when I want to get cozy and it gets dark so early. I may even try to make a list of chores to do on certain days, once I get a feel for my schedule. I really desire this, but I tend to never follow through and that’s part of what staying in motion means to me!

I believe the last area I have set a goal in is spending money. With working for free and only working one day a week it’s going to be hard to justify any expenses, so I have limited my clothing money to a few basics I know that I will need soon (dress pants, shoes, possibly underthings), 5 new tops MAX because I know we will go to Wichita at some point, and school supplies. I am NOT allowed to buy any home decor until summertime.

I feel really good about these goals. They are a lot different for me. I have set a distance goal for running, but it feels more tangible after getting so close last year. Yoga is just very important to me now. Staying in motion applies to fitness, nutrition, housekeeping, schoolwork, everything! It means get your stuff done before you collapse! and the money thing has been a long time coming. I have had a lot of fun the last year building up my wardrobe and decorating my home, and the wardrobe is definitely important! But the decor has only brought me a minimal amount of satisfaction, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to decorate, I’m sure if you know me IRL you can tell that, but at this point in my life we are not living in our “real” living room (We will be adding on at some point…) and so every purchase feels impermanent. and the guilt that comes with shopping when I should be saving will not be worth it moving forward.


So I hope that 2017 has a lot to bring to me. 2016 was REALLY REALLY great until October. I learned to ride a motorcycle, bought a HARLEY! rode the back of a Harley to Colorado, visited Las Vegas, ran my heart out, taught. I mean it really was so much fun. I decorated, crafted, Happy Planned, spent time with friends… But I’m ready for a more focused year! and one that will changed my life FOREVER! HELLOOOOOO TEACHING!!!!

Thanks for letting me open up a little bit with you all.

What are your goals for 2017?

Yoga Room Video Blog!

Hey everyone! Happy Fourth of July! I wanted to share my first Walkthrough. Kind of a rough test, but you will always find me being myself! I’m just a small town (new farm) girl, trying to make ends meet. Please keep this in mind when judging my space! hooe you all have a fabulous day!

Ps: I had a rough evening, emotionally, and I let it get the best of me. So I thought I’d share some inspirational photo quotes I found… Good vibes all around!

I also apologize for the shakiness in my intro! I’m such a newbie!

Gold Dust Woman


My birthday has come and gone (5/20) and SO much happened in that week that I can’t even really fully tell you about everything, but I can start with the most exciting part of it…

I bought a motorcycle!


After learning how to ride and being told I should be on a 650 I naturally went for a 1200…HA! But really this all happened because we found out Harley was wanting us to get rid of the ’13s and ’14s we had and the one I have been lusting after happened to be a 2013! So I got a really goo deal on it and the guys and Michael helped set me up with mid-controls so that I can reach everything, hehe.


Each time I’m on it I find myself focusing on a skill to work on. You know when something doesn’t sound right or smooth.

I’ve ridden some in town and mostly on country highways.


I’m thankful to have found another female rider at the same level of experience as I am! We probably would have never normally found each other as friends, yet here we are making plans to ride. I owe a lot of thanks to the guys in my life that have helped me stay going.


They were pretty exhausted trying to get my friend’s sporty started.

Shes my Gold Dust Woman because of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. She’s gold yes, but she’s a gypsy and a heart-breaker.

I’m doing my best to get my skills down so that I am able to attend an all female bike rally this year or next. I never would have thought I would love this hobby so much, but it’s been great to me.

Anyway! This is my ball-and-chain for the next 4-5 years! Ooodahlally!



The LOFT addiction is growing fierce friends, but seriously LOFT. Stop it with all these adorable dandelions! I just can’t!

I currently own the first top, and the second is on it’s way. Just look at that ruffle! Obviously I had to won both…!

Then there’s the dress…

imageService (2)

My flapper dreams come true. This will be in the next batch i order I think. I really don’t think I could wear this to school, but regardless I have to have it in my wardrobe!

And the rest:

I’m just in love with this cute little print and all the different silhouettes theyve created with it.

While checking out my order last night, something glitched and the items I had deleted went back into my bag and I ended up purchasing twice as many dollars worth as I wanted to…!!! BUT this gives me the opportunity to try on what I like and return what I don’t like or what doesn’t fit. Hoping some cardigans will work out, I chose some FUN colors! I’m definitely aiming for the polished art teacher look. I’m still trying to bulk up my professional wardrobe with truly amazing pieces.

Can’t wait to share!

Oh, and happy like 8 days vegan!

A Plant Based Day

I decided to try a day of plant based eating. I have gained some weight in my tummy and hips and have been eating like a maniac. (Cake for breakfast AND dessert?!)   It’s high time to whip out the running shoes, weights, and yoga mat and change up this diet!

For breakfast, 8:30, I had Kashi blueberry vegan waffles and So Delicious yogurt. This wasn’t very filling but I decided to cope with water and the understanding that I needed to be a little bit hungry after eating like a pig. Yes you read that, I spent some time hungry today as punishment and I lived to tell about it.


At 11:00 I was famished so I scarfed down an amazing wrap from TaDah! This wrap has so many tasty good-for-you things about it and at 430 calories was good to keep me going for a while. At about 1:00 I ate a mocha Larabar.


By 4:30 I was hungry again, and I had been fighting work duties and things to get to some food… you know how it goes. I brought leftovers of my Buddha Bowl dinner: Quinoa, garlic black beans, lettuce greens, light fries, tomato, cucumber, and an AMAZING avocado sauce!!!

Avocado Dressing:

1 avocado, juice of 1 lemon, and these next items to taste: clove of garlic, black pepper, salt, rice milk.

Blend until smooth and creamy.

SOOOOOOO good! even on the fries!

Since I ended up not finishing that meal until 5:15, work you know… I was definitely good until work was over, but as soon as I got home I dug into a mango! Michael hasn’t been eating dinner because of work. I don’t ask too many questions, but it’s usually because they feed him a big lunch and/or he’s so worn out and over heated hes just not hungry. So I look at it as a way to get experiment-y! But the mango was an awesome treat and gave me some sugar to get me pumped up for a little workout. Afterward I drank a plant based protein shake with almond milk and fresh berries. Garden of Life: Fit. It was actually tasty despite the awful reviews. Will be getting lots more this evening!

Before I went home to do my workout, I stopped at GNC and the grocery store. At GNC, to my surprise, I found goji berries and the brand of protein powder I was looking for and an overwhelming amount of other vegan options! At the grocery store I grabbed more quinoa, fresh fruit and avo, peanut butter, tortillas, humus, La Croix sparkling water, some vegan Daiya Alfredo Mac O.M.G!!!! I was so sad when I was thinking about chicken Alfredo and bam! There it was! I hope it’s yummy.

And at the very end of the day, after workout/proteinshake/helping move furniture I cut off a slice of oat bread that was given to us by Michael’s mom… And yes I’m sure there was butter and sugar in the recipe, but let’s not focus too much on it.

This was a heavy day for me. It was full of work nonsense… making the battle for meat and dairy seem even more cruel. If I do this, how am I going to do it?! How am I going to get enough protein and make my macro profiles good for building muscles and burning fat without eating a ton of soy? That’s my biggest question here. So I will continue to experiment with vegan meals and protein powders and snacking on fruits and veggies over cake and candy and in the meantime I will research and not loose my mind if I need to eat a traditional meal… Vegan is a lifestyle, but I see it as grey. To be the perfect vegan you would need to live on a different vegan-only planet. The people-to-people connection on this planet is too great to be absolutely perfect, so I won’t give myself a lot of heat over a lapse. It’s a learning and habit process! But , really, thank heavens for fruit and so many delicious vegan breakfasts and desserts. We can have that at least!

I will also note that I’m not promising myself to this lifestyle yet, I’m only trying things out at this point.

But be happy to know that I have already started Day 2 with a round of yoga, chia pudding with raspberries, kashi waffles, and silk yogurt!