Catching Up

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute, but I’m still here! I’m having a series of days that are just eye-rollable. For example I spent most of the day yesterday catching up on laundry while I cleaned the bathroom and washed dishes. I did SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY.

BUT I’ve gotten some awesome things done around here, not that it’s ready to be photographed for Better Homes and Gardens #crylaughemoji

I thought I’d share a few pictures from my regular life because I have been too busy to pause to write and photograph thoughtfully.

I really have just been busy doing chores, unpacking and cleaning, and most importantly beginning my new internships for teaching! (I’m not a student teacher yet, these are what you do before then.) Staying on top of my homework while working 40 hrs is important especially with internships.

I got myself a few new tops. The main reason for this was because I wanted shirts with higher necklines so I wouldn’t have to worry about bending over. I have also purged my wardrobe of the things I found were not fitting my lifestyle/job/comfort anymore because it’s good for me and because of sharing a closet with Michael and decided to be a free spirited hippie type this spring. (Again, none of these will be very good pictures…)



The students were allowed to celebrate the Super Bowl with team colored cupcakes… So I had the choice of dark blue or black… I got black and looked like Tia Dalma for the rest of the day.

The house has been quite the mess, but yesterday my honey checked off the list! His family helped us hang up three major pieces of wall art! Now I get to obsess over things as I can start putting them into place better.


Gotta love Snoopy, passed out on the couch. I know, it’s overwhelming!

Here it is currently.

Chalkboard and GATHER is UP! I want to get some metal chairs, console table, white curtains (the tie-up kind) and MAYBE a rug… It’s so easy to clean the way it is so I’m not sure.


A cute decorative spot on the kitchen counter. I’d like to find a picture for behind it, then to the right will be a metal basket for coffee, the Keurig, and mug tree.


“My Office” ha… It’s a mess in here, but it’s happy! And I’m thankful I have a space to study. At least that area is being managed.


I spruce it up best I can.



Got one window covered! The bedroom window, weeee! It was yellow before! Made the room a strange green color hehe.


The living room in not quite this clean right now, but lets revel in this moment! I can’t wait to find a substitution for that footstool. I’ll be putting up curtains and I haven’t decided on shelves or wall art. We need a place for the play station and shelves could make that possible, PLUS they would be fun to decorate for the holidays.




The last picture shows the old headboard under the mirror. I want to put a console table so oddly enough this gives me an idea! I cant let it be too deep, this is 8 inches. I was planning on ten, but I think 8 will be better. There is enough space to put candles and pictures and a skinny tray and figures.

The blue rooms will be painted someday, if I haven’t mentioned so before… It will be the hardest thing to get Michael to change.. Well the lighting in the kitchen and bathroom too…SOMEday!

I still have such a long ways to go to get the things I have settled and finish cleaning out my apartment before I can get too excited about big furniture purchases. So I dream out loud A LOT!

Here are some pieces I want to get from the antique store.



Bucket for blankets in the living room!

And some living room inspiration. I have NO idea what to put above the couch!


And some inspiration. Color splash! I’m seeing aqua pop up in the bathroom and kitchen.


Things I’m loving:

  1. This darling bench… I’m needing something for the mud room to sit on and put shoes/boots under.


2. This sweet little girlie 🙂 This is my dog Pippi and she looked so cute sitting in the middle of the back seat of Michael’s truck.


3. And Moscow Mules! How did I NOT know about these!!! Ginger beer has always been may favorite. I’m going to have to find some copper mugs now! Decorative AND functional!


I’m REALLY hoping to get a Valentine’s Day craft done in the next couple of days, so I will definitely share that with you all!



Planning: Dining Room

I thought it was time to check in again with the farmhouse. Today I am sharing my plans/ideas for the dining room.

I don’t think all couples are alike, but I definitely think that we have some quirks going for us! We currently have an ongoing game of Monopoly set up in here!…and boxes EVERYWHERE! This room has a few of little things that I wish were different. Some I can’t change, others I will attempt to eventually once I know what I want. So far we have used it quite a bit and its just the two of us. I am terrified of the idea that we will sit in the living room to eat dinner like we did in my apartment, but so far we tend to gravitate for our meals in here.


Michael had a very subtle way of letting me know that he really wanted to keep his grandma’s table. This was irritating for me at first because I love my antique Formica table! But, when I saw what people were doing with metal chairs I was sold. The Formica table will make a great craft/game room addition.


Of course I am adding my chalkboard and gather picture. I think I will place a small console table under the chalkboard so that I can decorate it for the seasons.

I am not yet sure what I will put under the window (above) window. I would like a small cabinet or bar cart, but we will see. I’m not obsessing over yet. The chairs will be the biggest initial expense. I think I want a natural fiber rug, but I’m not sure yet. It’s so easy to sweep up with out a rug.

The cabinets on the one side come into what I consider to be the dining room area, and as a person of symmetry this bugs me, but I am thankful for the extra storage they offer. One thing I want to change is the light fixture. I would love a light that is centered over the table and rustic or industrial looking and put the fan on the kitchen side. Also a funky pendant light over the sink.

These are just things I think about right now… who knows!


Here is a mock up of the dining room.

Michael MIGHT be digging the chairs!

On the kitchen side of things there isn’t much that can be changed, just small accents. I have already started with the natural runners under the work areas. I want a special command center for my coffee and tea so i am looking for something decorative or functional for that. I want a coffee mug tree and possibly some sort of decorative storage.

Other than these the only other things that can be added to the space are something above the window, window treatments, and something decorative on the long end of the counter! I try to decorate with things that are frequently used like my kitchen aid, pyrex bowls, cutting board, and utensil crock. I like to keep dry goods (flour, sugar, etc.) stored away.

Now… back to unpacking, dinner, and homework!



Informed Consumer

Now, it really is easy for me to forget what kind of appearance I make. After all, like anyone else, the experiences I have had in this life give me the wisdom I need at the age that I am… But honestly most of the time people think I’m somewhere between 17 and 23… I’m short, baby faced, and upon first impression a bit oblivious.

This is an important fact because I just received the “Pretty Woman” treatment when I went furniture shopping.

It doesn’t help my case that I was wearing converse, rolled skinny jeans (cause I’m really short), a Harley Davidson top, no make up, hair flat and wind blown (wait, is that possible?), and a bomber coat that’s a size too big. I looked like a kid. Like a no money havin’ kid.

But, I still carry myself through this situation, like any other, as if I am equal. And because I am the customer, I am, if not better than them… Right? But in this case… I’m not. Either that or the person helping me is just a doo-doo of a person.

Ok! So to the meat of the story. I pride myself on being an informed consumer. I browse online at every store that I can think for the right product at the right price before making a decision, often. I do my research. And, in this case, I had really narrowed down to this particular table. I needed a narrow side table that had an industrial look and that didn’t look like someone took a side table and squished it.


I want these Ashley nesting tables. And they are referred to as nesting tables in Ashley’s lingo. I’ve learned or noticed that every piece of “fine furniture” is part of a group or collection. Ashley carries nesting tables in almost every furniture group they design. You can see in the photo that they are 179.99. (It is the same at their home site as it is at Target.) When I approached the tables there was no price tag and I asked for help. The first employee… Which I realized was new, typed in the part number, pointed at the price and asked the upper if it was correct. At this point they have seen the right price. That wasn’t good enough I suppose for the trainer and I was was then directed to a sign where it had a menu so to speak of all of the pieces in the group and their prices. The only problem was the sign was made wrong and it stated that there were TWO end tables in the collection rather than an end table AND a nesting table set. This is important to me because they commenced to tell me the wrong price… The trainer employee even stated that he had not written the part number down correctly on the sign, but that it was “supposed to be this” to the employee he was obviously training. I stated well the big end table should be 220.00 and the smaller tables 180.00. He replied no, the smaller tables are 220.00 because you get two… He told the customer they were wrong without double checking the facts.

Let me tell you folks, I didn’t know at this point if they were trying to fool me or prove that they were right at any cost.

I wanted to tell them that these are specifically called nesting tables, and in every collection the nesting tables are less expensive than the end tables. I wanted to pull up my phone and show them my screen shot, but then they would’ve known what a shark I am and I wouldn’t be able to play off the “oh I’m just browsing” bit. So, I told them a different truth, that I needed to show them to Michael before I purchased them and that I would probably want two sets anyway.

I don’t honestly know what happened, all I know is that I feel like I was played. Never judge a book by it’s cover. She may look like a no money havin’ kid, when really she’s 26 with a full time job and a line of credit at the store.

Make sure that you are an informed consumer and never let yourself feel bad for being who you are because of some doo-doo head salesman.



Lust List: January Edition

Who’s already thinking about Valentines Day? Working retail has me thinking months and years before normal folks! I have been putting together some Pinterest ideas so I’m excited to possibly share those with you!

But, here we are, New Year day 5. No resolutions or related things of the matter to share with you all yet. Planning the decor in our home is currently completely obsessing me. But, I understand there is a much greater need to get my old things packed up and moved in so I have to keep my dreamy chatter and purchases to a minimum… until I am a little more settled in. I’ve also had a job change, and with the holidays finally settling down there will be a bit of time before things are fully adjusted! But, not before college picks up again!

There REALLY is always something getting thrown into my fire, which is why I seem so crazy. One of the things that keeps me sane is dreaming about home decor, which is crazy considering Christmas just happened!

I’ll be happy I have sorted and analyzed all of the ideas that I have because when the time comes, I’ll be ready! 🙂 What can I say…I’m a true Taurus. Always nesting.

So to curb my urges to make ridiculously premature purchases… some of the current products I am vying for are?…



“Today is a Good Day” sign from Magnolia Homes

I think this sign would look fabulous in the living room between the door and window and would make a great daily reminder.



“The Tap Dancer” from Painted Fox Treasures

While I already have lamps for the living room, I would happily take these beauties in! Or perhaps have one at my desk! I just love the way the industrial look is mixed with the unexpected elegant crystal peeking out from the cap!



JCPenney Home™ Beaded 40-pc. Dinnerware Set

It is time for me to invest in a big set of dinnerware! Everyone seems to have gone head over heels for the Emma dinnerware from Pottery Barn, then Target came in and created an affordable version. But, alas, they are out of stock… and it looks to me like they will not be restocked! So I found this great set at JC Penney! 8 Place settings for $140, and they come with fruit bowls! AKA stop being such a pig and eat your ice cream out of these bowls Ashley! 🙂 I like that the beading is on the far edge of the plate, I might be able to stack them with the scalloped plates and bowls from Threshold! I think it would look so fun to have alternating styles layered!



“Gray Tile Chloe Wall Clock” from World Market

This would be great for the bathroom or kitchen. I, and most people, have always adored old tile ceilings and this is a neat way to incorporate that into you decor.



“Cast Iron Holder with Scissors” from Farmhouse Wares

This darling twine/yarn holder for my office. My office is the one room that has the most remnants of my previous decor preferences, which weren’t hard to blend into the farmhouse look and weed out other things, but it is currently the room i have spent the least amount of time contemplating. I spent a lot of time fixing it up when I first got the space because of school. It is bright and cheerful so that’s nice about it, but I will be slowly changing this place to have more neutrals. This item would actually get used! I can see myself having two or three for different types of fibers!

These are just a few items I have been thinking about. There are so many things I “window stalk”! Some of these things are practical and others not so much, but it’s definitely fun to round up those things your dreaming about and see them all together! Hope you enjoyed. I may continue doing these once a month and sharing what purchases I actually make from them!



Planning: Living Room

Today marks my first weekend before returning back to a regular schedule. And I am so excited! I don’t like being in such a limbo of a schedule. I spent the morning watching movies with Michael and the afternoon cleaning up. The gold glitter from New Years is going to take ages to completely disappear.

I feel at this point I can also begin packing my things up at my apartment to prepare for moving. So far I have been bringing small loads over of essentials… Toiletries, cookware, candles and decorative trays… You know, the ABSOLUTE essentials. 😉

Moving the tv, couch, and accent chair in have given me some good perspective of what I think I can accomplish in this room. 

This is the front door and kitchen doorway. This wall leads to the bath and bedrooms. I’m positive I will be putting my beautiful mirror here, as well as a VERY skinny console table. 10 inches deep is about as far as I can go, and I think 4 feet long. I am hoping my father can help me with this. It will allow me to decorate with some candles and other things!


This is the wall to the other side of the front door. The best place for the tv was in front of this window. Of course my record player will be in this spot as well! I’m wanting to put a good sized piece of art to the right of the door. The other side of the tv…? I’m not sure yet. Perhaps my white deer, perhaps some shelves.

Here’s the couch. I want side tables that are really classified as chairside tables. This will allow me to keep the chaise side of the couch closer to the wall for the accent chair to have more room and hopefully room for a coffee table. You can also see the door way to the bath and bed rooms.

I put this collage together to hopefully check that the items I want go well together! I’m not dead set yet, but I think I want an oversized clock above the couch. Natural fiber rug and galvanized bucket for blankets. After I have these items I will be able to make a better decision about the walls. Shelves allow me to decorate more for the holidays. We have a limited amount of floor space to do things with… So we will see! 

I’m loving this lamp from hobby lobby, but because it’s a buffet lamp it may be too tall… It’s not super skinny like  outlet buffet lamps so it messes with me a little bit. It might make a great statement up against the wall the couch is on.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I will continue to share the ideas and before pictures of the other rooms, as well as ideas for the living room walls!

Auld Lang Syne!

This year we are celebrating New Year’s Eve in “our new home”. I couldn’t control my excitement and went as “all-out” on the decorations as I could! While still trying to be ingenious!


Living in a small town I realized I would have to get creative, hello Pinterest! There aren’t many places that carry a variety of NYE themed decorations. I found myself in the “over the hill” section! I knew I wanted gold, black, and burlap to be the star colors! I found myself pacing around hobby lobby for a good hour trying to think of ways to use what they had available and create from things I already had.


The real star of my decorations would have to be the gold christmas garland! At this point in the year it’s half off and really makes a statement! I am especially proud of how it looks with my chalkboard.


Here are my decorating tips to get the NYE style I created:


-Plenty of gold christmas garland and any other type of garland you can find in gold and black, I was lucky enough to find the cute glitter beads! Of course crepe paper works as well! White or black!


-Pennants in gold, black, and burlap. These are fun because you can create phrases on them.


-Mylar curtains are fun for doorways or as photo booth backdrops


-Any gold or black hanging decor. I found spiral stars are walmart and fans at hobby lobby (sorry they aren’t pictured)


-Black trash bags make a quick cheap backdrop, I used one to cover up the thing I had my chalkboard sitting on.


For the other decor I gathered things around my home. I love using white pillar candles in mason jars to keep with the farmhouse look, galvanized things. Clocks, horns, confetti, and printable with cute phrases! I was lucky enough to have white pillows with gold patterns printed on them! 


For the “buffet” I decided to put the snacks and desserts out on the counter. I put my burlap placemats underneath with gold confetti and created a table scape using the clocks, candles, and other things I had at home. I stuck some of the extra gold stickers I had onto chopsticks/dowels.


hello 2016!

For the the champagne cupcakes and flutes I found some silver wilson cake plate dealies. I don’t have a cake stand just yet! And I used a tiered jewelry holder to hold chocolate kisses! I also had a plate of champagne jello-shots. I found a neat banner to stick into the cupcakes.


The dining table has a cheap black table cloth with a burlap ribbon down the center and gold confetti scattered. I love how well white plates go with everything! The gold confetti is actually stuffing for gift bags.


I put my bar cart in the living room to have the champagne close by as we watched the countdown. I also decorated it and put some of the treats on it and the horns.


Our meal was done as easily as possible to afford me the time to do what I really wanted. I put salsa, bean dip, and guac put with scoops, everyone’s favorite. There was also a small sausage, cheese, and cracker tray, as well as flavored crackers and fruit.


Michael is the one truly pulling off dinner. He BBqed a pork tenderloin and his sister prepped the potatoes. While her girls helped me decorate and frost cupcakes. I made sure to have sparkling juice and special treats and goodies for them.


Other tips I have for you as I went through the experience would be to give yourself options for the evening in several areas. I happy that we have a small bluetooth radio in the kitchen, a ps4, our own board games as well as ones I found for reflecting on the last year.

Don’t stress out about your home being too perfect. I’m a big fan of tossing everything into the spare room and barricading the door. Deal with it later. It’s the holidays, let it go… When the time comes you want to have most of the busy work done so that you can enjoy yourself.


I hate to admit that i spent a lot more than I wanted to on this party, but thankfully I can save most of it for years to come! And it was worth it to have such a festive place to be.


Happy 2016 everyone!


Hobby Lobby:

-glitter ball garland

-mylar curtain

-cake topper

-table confetti

-gold hanging dots and black fans

-mason jars

-happy (birthday) banner

-burlap pennant

-gold letter stickers (now the banner will be reusable! might use black next time however…)

-rock candy!



-gold christmas tree garland

-silver plates (Wilton)

-black hanging stars


-burlap ribbon (wedding section)

-new serve ware for chips and dip.


Dollar Tree:

-table cloth


At home:




-ipad holder


-bar cart

-tiered tray

-paper plates and napkins, I already had some