Healing Practices

If you follow my Pinterest you will find that I have a board titled “Healing Practices“. It is not very full, but this is where I keep all of the “hippie” things that interest me. And when I use that term I mean healing practices that are viewed as alternative here in the Western World. (Yoga, aromatherapy, meditation, etc.) You know… hippie stuff! 🙂 As someone who feels like they have battled with depression, or a clogged emotional brain as I like to call it, I have always sought out natural remedies for those times I’m feeling low, out of sorts, or unfocused. Its mind and body folks!

In the interest of my mental and physical health, as related to my New Year’s Resolution, I decided to take the plunge on an essential oil diffuser. A friend was hoping to meet her quota for Scentsy and I decided it was time to do it! So I purchased the Aspire Scentsy Diffuser!


Folks, I am NOT disappointed.

While it has only been plugged in for about an hour I can already say to heck with any reviews that had something negative to say.

You can see that the shade comes separately! Meaning, you can change your style if you wish! I cant wait to see what new styles they come out with next!

The instructions claim that it will last for 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low. There is also an intermittent setting that will last for 8 hours.

I purchased this diffuser, mainly, to have at my desk while I am studying and blogging.

4 hours is PLENTY of time!

It is so simple to use. You pour in some water and a few drops of oil and press on. DONE.

It says you are able to use tap water even, but I will try to stick to filtered as much as possible.

I’m thinking I may want another for the living room. I can see myself using mostly energizing scents in my office to stay focused, but in the living room I could really have fun with seasonal scents, relaxing scents before bed, or energizing scents for cleaning house!


I was not ready to purchase Scentsy brand oils as I already had eucalyptus and rosemary, but I just HAD to go out and find something citrus! How cute is this?!

And it took me some time to figure out the light settings. While Im a fan of a traditional warm glow, the colors can be fun from time to time!


The ONLY downsides to these, that I can see so far, are that I will need one for each room that I expect to smell them in and I don’t think that they have an automatic off. Our home is very traditional, so there are lots of walls and the scent couldn’t travel if it tried. It’s output really seems to be for one room, which is fine, just have that expectation when you purchase. It would work well in the common area of an apartment that has an open concept.

***UPDATE: The diffuser DOES shut off when it runs out of water! The light will stay on, they are two separate functions. ALSO, mine has 13 colors in the color mode when they state that there are three. I had to geek out and count them. I have an extra blue color between purple and fuchsia…? It appears to go back to “azure”.

I think what I love MOST about these diffusers is that this company took one of its strong points, aesthetically pleasing scent machines, and answered the call of nature; that is their customers demands for a natural option for scents! So many diffusers out there do what these do, but don’t look have as pretty.

The lamps (Thats the diffuser and fancy shade) are $130, and I have yet to find out what the price range of their oils are. Find your local sales rep if you are interested!

I’m thinking about purchasing some essential oil blends from Young Living. They are QUITE a bit more, however…  like you will pay $20 for 15 ml of eucalyptus, when I probably paid $8-9 for the NOW brand. NOW also has some great looking blends that I will have to look through! I know so many people love Young living though.

Anyone an essential oil fan? Do you like Young Living, NOW, and/or Scentsy or some other brand?  Do you have any other types of healing practice you enjoy? I can’t wait to share more about healing practices with you!

*I was NOT paid by Scentsy or any other brand to do this review. I just love to spread the love! And aromatherapy is good for you! Kiss your brain!

Catching Up

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute, but I’m still here! I’m having a series of days that are just eye-rollable. For example I spent most of the day yesterday catching up on laundry while I cleaned the bathroom and washed dishes. I did SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY.

BUT I’ve gotten some awesome things done around here, not that it’s ready to be photographed for Better Homes and Gardens #crylaughemoji

I thought I’d share a few pictures from my regular life because I have been too busy to pause to write and photograph thoughtfully.

I really have just been busy doing chores, unpacking and cleaning, and most importantly beginning my new internships for teaching! (I’m not a student teacher yet, these are what you do before then.) Staying on top of my homework while working 40 hrs is important especially with internships.

I got myself a few new tops. The main reason for this was because I wanted shirts with higher necklines so I wouldn’t have to worry about bending over. I have also purged my wardrobe of the things I found were not fitting my lifestyle/job/comfort anymore because it’s good for me and because of sharing a closet with Michael and decided to be a free spirited hippie type this spring. (Again, none of these will be very good pictures…)



The students were allowed to celebrate the Super Bowl with team colored cupcakes… So I had the choice of dark blue or black… I got black and looked like Tia Dalma for the rest of the day.

The house has been quite the mess, but yesterday my honey checked off the list! His family helped us hang up three major pieces of wall art! Now I get to obsess over things as I can start putting them into place better.


Gotta love Snoopy, passed out on the couch. I know, it’s overwhelming!

Here it is currently.

Chalkboard and GATHER is UP! I want to get some metal chairs, console table, white curtains (the tie-up kind) and MAYBE a rug… It’s so easy to clean the way it is so I’m not sure.


A cute decorative spot on the kitchen counter. I’d like to find a picture for behind it, then to the right will be a metal basket for coffee, the Keurig, and mug tree.


“My Office” ha… It’s a mess in here, but it’s happy! And I’m thankful I have a space to study. At least that area is being managed.


I spruce it up best I can.



Got one window covered! The bedroom window, weeee! It was yellow before! Made the room a strange green color hehe.


The living room in not quite this clean right now, but lets revel in this moment! I can’t wait to find a substitution for that footstool. I’ll be putting up curtains and I haven’t decided on shelves or wall art. We need a place for the play station and shelves could make that possible, PLUS they would be fun to decorate for the holidays.




The last picture shows the old headboard under the mirror. I want to put a console table so oddly enough this gives me an idea! I cant let it be too deep, this is 8 inches. I was planning on ten, but I think 8 will be better. There is enough space to put candles and pictures and a skinny tray and figures.

The blue rooms will be painted someday, if I haven’t mentioned so before… It will be the hardest thing to get Michael to change.. Well the lighting in the kitchen and bathroom too…SOMEday!

I still have such a long ways to go to get the things I have settled and finish cleaning out my apartment before I can get too excited about big furniture purchases. So I dream out loud A LOT!

Here are some pieces I want to get from the antique store.



Bucket for blankets in the living room!

And some living room inspiration. I have NO idea what to put above the couch!


And some inspiration. Color splash! I’m seeing aqua pop up in the bathroom and kitchen.


Things I’m loving:

  1. This darling bench… I’m needing something for the mud room to sit on and put shoes/boots under.


2. This sweet little girlie 🙂 This is my dog Pippi and she looked so cute sitting in the middle of the back seat of Michael’s truck.


3. And Moscow Mules! How did I NOT know about these!!! Ginger beer has always been may favorite. I’m going to have to find some copper mugs now! Decorative AND functional!


I’m REALLY hoping to get a Valentine’s Day craft done in the next couple of days, so I will definitely share that with you all!


Planning: Dining Room

I thought it was time to check in again with the farmhouse. Today I am sharing my plans/ideas for the dining room.

I don’t think all couples are alike, but I definitely think that we have some quirks going for us! We currently have an ongoing game of Monopoly set up in here!…and boxes EVERYWHERE! This room has a few of little things that I wish were different. Some I can’t change, others I will attempt to eventually once I know what I want. So far we have used it quite a bit and its just the two of us. I am terrified of the idea that we will sit in the living room to eat dinner like we did in my apartment, but so far we tend to gravitate for our meals in here.


Michael had a very subtle way of letting me know that he really wanted to keep his grandma’s table. This was irritating for me at first because I love my antique Formica table! But, when I saw what people were doing with metal chairs I was sold. The Formica table will make a great craft/game room addition.


Of course I am adding my chalkboard and gather picture. I think I will place a small console table under the chalkboard so that I can decorate it for the seasons.

I am not yet sure what I will put under the window (above) window. I would like a small cabinet or bar cart, but we will see. I’m not obsessing over yet. The chairs will be the biggest initial expense. I think I want a natural fiber rug, but I’m not sure yet. It’s so easy to sweep up with out a rug.

The cabinets on the one side come into what I consider to be the dining room area, and as a person of symmetry this bugs me, but I am thankful for the extra storage they offer. One thing I want to change is the light fixture. I would love a light that is centered over the table and rustic or industrial looking and put the fan on the kitchen side. Also a funky pendant light over the sink.

These are just things I think about right now… who knows!


Here is a mock up of the dining room.

Michael MIGHT be digging the chairs!

On the kitchen side of things there isn’t much that can be changed, just small accents. I have already started with the natural runners under the work areas. I want a special command center for my coffee and tea so i am looking for something decorative or functional for that. I want a coffee mug tree and possibly some sort of decorative storage.

Other than these the only other things that can be added to the space are something above the window, window treatments, and something decorative on the long end of the counter! I try to decorate with things that are frequently used like my kitchen aid, pyrex bowls, cutting board, and utensil crock. I like to keep dry goods (flour, sugar, etc.) stored away.

Now… back to unpacking, dinner, and homework!