Just a Hello!

I promise I haven’t forgotten you.

I’m pretty excited because I’ve been making some progress on my list of projects! I can’t wait til I’m ready to share them with you. I’ve got some new plant friends so I will be refashioning some pots to suit my style and an outdoor plant display to get made for them! Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy my patio a lot more this summer. I’ve been picking out some dessert loving plants so next will be some more regional bushy looking ones, perhaps a palm, and maybe some hanging and railing stuff. OH! and LAVENDER! Lots of endeavors in JUST the gardening world! I can’t even begin to list what I wish I could accomplish indoors

The weather is starting to cheer up around here and so is my wallet!

Taurus,  May 2014
Mother’s Day on May 11 could be a high-energy day. Be gracious, enjoy the good, and let others get hyper. The Full Moon on May 14 impacts your partnerships and love life. Saturn lurking nearby suggests you’ll make an effort to respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated. The New Moon on May 28 could affect your finances and possessions. Don’t be surprised if people want to give you things. Memorial Day weekend looks to be lavish, with good food, fun, and your favorite companions. Save your best recipes and most charming quips for that day.

Hope fortune is smiling on you all as well!

Looks like I had better watch my wallet the next couple weeks however! :O

surely I can sneak in a gallon of paint and some plywood though! 😀