Happy 2017!

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Well, if I recall correctly, I had a very nice, long-winded, post for the New Year 2016. This time around I don’t have the urge or time for it! I have thought about last years goals and about my goals going forward. I did not accomplish ALL of my goals last year, but I came SO MUCH further than I had imagined! I remember one of my goals had to do with running. At one point last year I ran 8 whole miles straight, no stops. no music. Just me, my phone and wristband tracking me, a squeezy packet of energy gel, and a little voice in my head repeating positive affirmations and saying silly things along the way. And my favorite running shorts of course!


2016. My ex died. In a motorcycle accident. We had been apart 3+ years, 4 in March/April. I hadn’t spoken to him once in all of that time, but because of social media I knew much of what was going on in his life. You know, the general stuff. So it hit me like a punch to the gut. I saw how free spirited he was, and recently, IN LOVE! Of course this didn’t hurt me NEARLY as much as his family and girlfriend (and son on the way), but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t upset me…for some time. It also brought a lot of people closer and changed my perspective a little bit. Whether I was forced to start operating a certain way or I was changing it based on my experiences. I felt myself lose control over work and school. I was dangling by a thread. But I was reacting to the stress of things by withdrawing. Somehow I did manage to make it out with straight A’s. Somehow I managed to scrape by at work. And then Christmas came and went. And finally the New Year. I got the chance to REALLY spend time with Michael. We went on a date. Up to this point I had finally begun feeling like myself again so it was what I really needed. Happy Planning, chatting with Sarah and Kaitlyn regularly, breaking from school work. All this time I had just been able to live life without quite so much pressure. It made me realize how capable I am at making achievements under pressure, but that it doesn’t need to feel that way. How much I need discipline, FOCUS, and to put myself first without coddling the stress and withdrawing.

So this new year, I’m reinforcing my no more working rule! After I start my student teaching internship I will only be working Saturdays! (Except this first week, there’s a bit of a transfer of power… actually the lady is on vacation so I have to come in after school to do maintenance things until she returns…THEN I’m free!)

Last year I ran my heart out. I know I can make it to a Half Marathon, so I have made a coach with Nike’s new version! I was using the old version and it deleted it when I switched! Womp Womp! So I’m super excited for this! I’m still rocking my Sacuony’s with an insole. I think that if I make it to 8 miles again I might invest in a new pair. Yoga is also a goal, 3+ days a week. I just love it, and tend to forget how much I do. I NEED it. My Fit planner is helping me visualize how much of my goals I am required to do each day. I look at it and see that I have a run planned these days, and probably Yoga on these, WOW! there’s no room to slow down! Time to focus! And the DownDog App is AMAZING. I really appreciate what it offers for a person like me that is too broke or spread thin to go to a real class. At some point however I do want to try to take some classes to connect with a real teacher and make some friends.

Nutrition is another goal, again. With working at a school being prepared for the day is going to be super important. I’m going to be a serious bag lady! Bags for: 1 or 2 for School/purse, gym, and lunch. Which is a lot when you are also carrying coffee, keys, yogurt and trying to load up your dog and lock up! haha, but having everything ready to grab from the fridge and in the bags by the door is a big goal for me.

Staying in motion. This applies to me when I get home. I tend to collapse on the couch and never get anything done in full. This is so hard for me int he winter time when I want to get cozy and it gets dark so early. I may even try to make a list of chores to do on certain days, once I get a feel for my schedule. I really desire this, but I tend to never follow through and that’s part of what staying in motion means to me!

I believe the last area I have set a goal in is spending money. With working for free and only working one day a week it’s going to be hard to justify any expenses, so I have limited my clothing money to a few basics I know that I will need soon (dress pants, shoes, possibly underthings), 5 new tops MAX because I know we will go to Wichita at some point, and school supplies. I am NOT allowed to buy any home decor until summertime.

I feel really good about these goals. They are a lot different for me. I have set a distance goal for running, but it feels more tangible after getting so close last year. Yoga is just very important to me now. Staying in motion applies to fitness, nutrition, housekeeping, schoolwork, everything! It means get your stuff done before you collapse! and the money thing has been a long time coming. I have had a lot of fun the last year building up my wardrobe and decorating my home, and the wardrobe is definitely important! But the decor has only brought me a minimal amount of satisfaction, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to decorate, I’m sure if you know me IRL you can tell that, but at this point in my life we are not living in our “real” living room (We will be adding on at some point…) and so every purchase feels impermanent. and the guilt that comes with shopping when I should be saving will not be worth it moving forward.


So I hope that 2017 has a lot to bring to me. 2016 was REALLY REALLY great until October. I learned to ride a motorcycle, bought a HARLEY! rode the back of a Harley to Colorado, visited Las Vegas, ran my heart out, taught. I mean it really was so much fun. I decorated, crafted, Happy Planned, spent time with friends… But I’m ready for a more focused year! and one that will changed my life FOREVER! HELLOOOOOO TEACHING!!!!

Thanks for letting me open up a little bit with you all.

What are your goals for 2017?

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