10K Drop Out

Sorry, but I really felt the need to pour my heart out on this one.

Today I was supposed to run my first 10k.

It’s finally starting to hit me that I have failed again at a FITNESS related goal.

The cool thing about these though is that they forgive you and let you try again and again.

It’s POURING rain here. We have had some REALLY bad wind. I was trying to get my runs in despite this without access to a treadmill! But I also started feeling injuries coming and with the weight of homework, moving, and random farm-life drama… I dropped the ball.

I went in to this all TOO hard and with the wrong inspirations. The Nike app was not able to create a beginner program beginner enough for me. Having to pack my outfits everyday was stressful in the mornings on top of internships… I just couldn’t LIFE, haha.

So with that, I have set an even MORE wild goal! I’m going to train for the KC Half Marathon in October! There is a 12 week program on the Nike App that will start up July 25th. That gives me 14 weeks for get ready for the training program. The app suggests 5 miles a week until then, but I will definitely play with my mileage. I think when the spring semester is over I will be able to get 3 runs in a week; 2 shorties, 1 longer. The warm weather is starting to show up and I wont be doing internships, just easy summer classes!… But I will bear in mind that the real training goes through the beginning of the fall semester!

This time my intentions and inspiration is to become a person with less excuses. To do more of what I love and complain about my life less. I spend a lot of time on my phone “relaxing” when I get home. (Because I’m constantly criticizing EVERY aspect of my life!) My life is not truly that difficult. I need to change my perspective, and change the negative thoughts to positive ones EVERY time I recognize them! So I’m trying to become braver and bolder and have a better threshold for the things that life throws me or that I ask of life! While maintaining realistic expectations for my training.

This all sounds good in my head. Let’s see where it goes!




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