Try it Tuesday

Folks, I’m giving you fair warning. I am NOT a chef, not even a decent cook. I am a bull in a china shop in that room they call the kitchen.

So I decided, especially because I’ve moved in my significant other, that I should begin refining my culinary skills. I can’t eat spaghetti forever!

Even if that means getting some joe-shmoe practice in at the good ol’ stove, I’ll do it. Practice is practice right?

Today I decided to try a recipe from Emma at A Beautiful Mess.

A sweet heat fancy grilled cheese sandwich. If you haven’t heard of FGC yet and you love grilled cheese or grilled sandwiches, oh man! These recipes these ladies are dreaming up are so decadent I can’t even describe it.

In the past I have made the fig and almond butter recipe and it was WAY delicious, scrumptious even.

So here’s how the sweet heat recipe went for me.


The recipe calls for: good quality bread, pineapple (preferably fresh, canned ok), jarred jalepenos, Manchego cheese, and mayonnaise.

I could not for the life of me find Manchego cheese at my grocery store, so i did a quick google of alternatives and decided mozzarella would be suitable. I have to do this a lot because I live in a small town in the bible belt.

I also opted for canned pineapples because I’m a #lazygirl.

IMG_3186 copy


I think this sandwich was good, but mine was not amazing because I did not use fresh pineapple. sadface. It was too subtle of a flavor. The mozzarella did ok, I’d like to see how it would fair with fresh pineapple.

So in the end I would definitely give it a try. If you are scared of the jalepenos you have control of how much you add!

While this isn’t something I’d dream of making regularly or serving as a meal necessarily, I’m just obsessed with trying new flavors!

So how about you? Any recipes you have tried to branch out with? Are any of you complete newbies in the kitchen? You are NOT alone! 🙂 I’m 26 and still trying to get the hang of it!

*and just a note about the photos, I am practicing so hard taking these, so bare with me! I have A LOT to learn, but I have great inspiration to draw from and lots of people to learn from! So with that the reason I do these posts with the pictures that I have is because I will not let my efforts go to waste because of the small details I fear. 🙂


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