Greek Yogurt With a Twist

When it comes to breakfast foods, nothing hits the spot on my early mornings like Greek Yogurt. Can you really beat something that is low in fat, has greater than average protein per serving and tastes like dessert?!

Aside from the fact that people rave over how good it is for you (obviously up for debate), I love the versatility of Greek Yogurt because it really gives me the extra bit of nourishment I need with whatever else I eat for breakfast to make sure I make it until lunchtime with out getting hungry. I don’t eat a whole ton of dairy so I don’t feel to guilty eating such a small serving that can provide a good does of protein.

I am always looking for new flavors, however. I’m usually never content with eating cherry and pineapple for very long… but now that I string those two flavors together they might be delicious mixed!

Anyway, as I was looking for something new to try I was in luck! I came across something new from Kroger at Dillon’s.

yogurt1 copy

Notice anything odd?

They all have veggies in them!

Now, my first thought was “Ashley, you know that stuff with all the added fruit is more sugary and not healthy anyway, just because it says veggies does not mean healthy.”

But, what I think I am most intrigued by are the combinations I NEVER would have thought of! It makes me wonder how I could incorporate them into other recipes.

Wondering how they taste?

yogurt2 copy

So far I have tried lemon and zucchini and it was just just fine. Fine in that all I could taste was lemon. Which makes sense to me because that is about how zucchini bread is!

This is how they serve up.

There is a separate section for the fruit veggie flavoring that is easy to pour in and spoon out.

I’m hoping I can taste the other flavors better. I may update this post with my findings.

My favorite way to eat greek yogurt is to spoon up some of the unflavored no added sugar fat free kind with a squirt of honey and mixed berries! Hello, Summer!

Have you ever tried strange flavor combinations that turned out amazing? Are you a fan of Greek Yogurt? What is YOUR favorite way to eat it?! Maybe you have a favorite morning rush breakfast food?

*On another note. This is my first blog post using my new camera! I can DEFINITELY see the convenience of using background boards for photographing food. I am having fun finding placements and thinking about ways I can accessorize. So much to learn! 😀

I think I will like having boards that are light natural, barn, and white wood and white tile and marble! oh so much fun to think about.


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