Goals for the New Year

It has been a strange last few days for me from an internal point. I’m experiencing a lot of changes or interactions that are causing me to have a little bit of an existential crisis. More like an alarm. Imma be ok. Don’t you worry. But with all of this… I’m coming much closer to the goals I want to set for myself. I usually like to encompass several areas of my life that are important.


These are:


I have always been an on off fitness girl. I know how to put in hard work to achieve results, but other things in my life will happen and usually my fitness routine is the first to be impacted. I have always considered myself a runner, but I am also interested in yoga and passionate about weightlifting. Resistance training makes you strong. NOT manly.

My goal for myself is to do ONE of these three things 5 days a week. I may jump-start myself by paying for a month of yoga classes.

I think there is also a lot to be said for my mental health, and having a fitness outlet will help with stress from my full time job that my roles are always growing in and college.


-Life Experiences

There are two things I have been wanting. To experience a new place and get motorcycle lessons and a license. Michael and I have taken a trip every year since we have been together so I know that I will be able to do this, but it is our hope that we get to experience a new state this year. I hope that I can push for him to include a little bit of camping and hiking because these are two things that I really love.

Getting my motorcycle license would be a huge achievement because I would be able to make a statement for other women. My mom even knows how to ride a dirt bike so that’s motivation for me as well as having worked at a Harley shop for, soon, 3 years. There is a motorcycle on the floor that came in when I first started. It is a 48 Sportster in gold flake. I call her my Gold Dust Woman because I’m a huge Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan. It would be so crazy if that bike became mine. At this point it costs much less because it is 2 or more years older. So it’s a possibility if they never take it to auction.

Both of these things will be fun to share with you.



My goal for my career is to do the best I can while I am at work and school and staying organized with my schoolwork at home. I feel into a big mess when i beginning moving out at the end of the semester so I am pushing to get as many things moved and settled before classes start.

I already have systems in place to keep myself organized that I hope I can share with you all!



I will have to begin tracking my spending like I used to now that I will be sharing bills with Michael. I don’t want to slip up on a bill or not have enough for other things like food and gas!

This will be important because I need to try to save for my big plans and for the future. A trip, motorcycle lessons, yoga classes, new furniture and decor for the home… it’s easy to get caught up


One fun personal goal I have is to create. Something I have been waiting  to do for a LONG time is get my pictures printed and put into an album and in my home! This will be a great project to share with you all!

I also plan on being plenty crafty with home decor. There are also some pieces I really need to invest in for our home and others that are not as important immediately. So it will be a humbling journey for me.


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