Informed Consumer

Now, it really is easy for me to forget what kind of appearance I make. After all, like anyone else, the experiences I have had in this life give me the wisdom I need at the age that I am… But honestly most of the time people think I’m somewhere between 17 and 23… I’m short, baby faced, and upon first impression a bit oblivious.

This is an important fact because I just received the “Pretty Woman” treatment when I went furniture shopping.

It doesn’t help my case that I was wearing converse, rolled skinny jeans (cause I’m really short), a Harley Davidson top, no make up, hair flat and wind blown (wait, is that possible?), and a bomber coat that’s a size too big. I looked like a kid. Like a no money havin’ kid.

But, I still carry myself through this situation, like any other, as if I am equal. And because I am the customer, I am, if not better than them… Right? But in this case… I’m not. Either that or the person helping me is just a doo-doo of a person.

Ok! So to the meat of the story. I pride myself on being an informed consumer. I browse online at every store that I can think for the right product at the right price before making a decision, often. I do my research. And, in this case, I had really narrowed down to this particular table. I needed a narrow side table that had an industrial look and that didn’t look like someone took a side table and squished it.


I want these Ashley nesting tables. And they are referred to as nesting tables in Ashley’s lingo. I’ve learned or noticed that every piece of “fine furniture” is part of a group or collection. Ashley carries nesting tables in almost every furniture group they design. You can see in the photo that they are 179.99. (It is the same at their home site as it is at Target.) When I approached the tables there was no price tag and I asked for help. The first employee… Which I realized was new, typed in the part number, pointed at the price and asked the upper if it was correct. At this point they have seen the right price. That wasn’t good enough I suppose for the trainer and I was was then directed to a sign where it had a menu so to speak of all of the pieces in the group and their prices. The only problem was the sign was made wrong and it stated that there were TWO end tables in the collection rather than an end table AND a nesting table set. This is important to me because they commenced to tell me the wrong price… The trainer employee even stated that he had not written the part number down correctly on the sign, but that it was “supposed to be this” to the employee he was obviously training. I stated well the big end table should be 220.00 and the smaller tables 180.00. He replied no, the smaller tables are 220.00 because you get two… He told the customer they were wrong without double checking the facts.

Let me tell you folks, I didn’t know at this point if they were trying to fool me or prove that they were right at any cost.

I wanted to tell them that these are specifically called nesting tables, and in every collection the nesting tables are less expensive than the end tables. I wanted to pull up my phone and show them my screen shot, but then they would’ve known what a shark I am and I wouldn’t be able to play off the “oh I’m just browsing” bit. So, I told them a different truth, that I needed to show them to Michael before I purchased them and that I would probably want two sets anyway.

I don’t honestly know what happened, all I know is that I feel like I was played. Never judge a book by it’s cover. She may look like a no money havin’ kid, when really she’s 26 with a full time job and a line of credit at the store.

Make sure that you are an informed consumer and never let yourself feel bad for being who you are because of some doo-doo head salesman.




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