Lust List: January Edition

Who’s already thinking about Valentines Day? Working retail has me thinking months and years before normal folks! I have been putting together some Pinterest ideas so I’m excited to possibly share those with you!

But, here we are, New Year day 5. No resolutions or related things of the matter to share with you all yet. Planning the decor in our home is currently completely obsessing me. But, I understand there is a much greater need to get my old things packed up and moved in so I have to keep my dreamy chatter and purchases to a minimum… until I am a little more settled in. I’ve also had a job change, and with the holidays finally settling down there will be a bit of time before things are fully adjusted! But, not before college picks up again!

There REALLY is always something getting thrown into my fire, which is why I seem so crazy. One of the things that keeps me sane is dreaming about home decor, which is crazy considering Christmas just happened!

I’ll be happy I have sorted and analyzed all of the ideas that I have because when the time comes, I’ll be ready! 🙂 What can I say…I’m a true Taurus. Always nesting.

So to curb my urges to make ridiculously premature purchases… some of the current products I am vying for are?…



“Today is a Good Day” sign from Magnolia Homes

I think this sign would look fabulous in the living room between the door and window and would make a great daily reminder.



“The Tap Dancer” from Painted Fox Treasures

While I already have lamps for the living room, I would happily take these beauties in! Or perhaps have one at my desk! I just love the way the industrial look is mixed with the unexpected elegant crystal peeking out from the cap!



JCPenney Home™ Beaded 40-pc. Dinnerware Set

It is time for me to invest in a big set of dinnerware! Everyone seems to have gone head over heels for the Emma dinnerware from Pottery Barn, then Target came in and created an affordable version. But, alas, they are out of stock… and it looks to me like they will not be restocked! So I found this great set at JC Penney! 8 Place settings for $140, and they come with fruit bowls! AKA stop being such a pig and eat your ice cream out of these bowls Ashley! 🙂 I like that the beading is on the far edge of the plate, I might be able to stack them with the scalloped plates and bowls from Threshold! I think it would look so fun to have alternating styles layered!



“Gray Tile Chloe Wall Clock” from World Market

This would be great for the bathroom or kitchen. I, and most people, have always adored old tile ceilings and this is a neat way to incorporate that into you decor.



“Cast Iron Holder with Scissors” from Farmhouse Wares

This darling twine/yarn holder for my office. My office is the one room that has the most remnants of my previous decor preferences, which weren’t hard to blend into the farmhouse look and weed out other things, but it is currently the room i have spent the least amount of time contemplating. I spent a lot of time fixing it up when I first got the space because of school. It is bright and cheerful so that’s nice about it, but I will be slowly changing this place to have more neutrals. This item would actually get used! I can see myself having two or three for different types of fibers!

These are just a few items I have been thinking about. There are so many things I “window stalk”! Some of these things are practical and others not so much, but it’s definitely fun to round up those things your dreaming about and see them all together! Hope you enjoyed. I may continue doing these once a month and sharing what purchases I actually make from them!




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