Planning: Living Room

Today marks my first weekend before returning back to a regular schedule. And I am so excited! I don’t like being in such a limbo of a schedule. I spent the morning watching movies with Michael and the afternoon cleaning up. The gold glitter from New Years is going to take ages to completely disappear.

I feel at this point I can also begin packing my things up at my apartment to prepare for moving. So far I have been bringing small loads over of essentials… Toiletries, cookware, candles and decorative trays… You know, the ABSOLUTE essentials. 😉

Moving the tv, couch, and accent chair in have given me some good perspective of what I think I can accomplish in this room. 

This is the front door and kitchen doorway. This wall leads to the bath and bedrooms. I’m positive I will be putting my beautiful mirror here, as well as a VERY skinny console table. 10 inches deep is about as far as I can go, and I think 4 feet long. I am hoping my father can help me with this. It will allow me to decorate with some candles and other things!


This is the wall to the other side of the front door. The best place for the tv was in front of this window. Of course my record player will be in this spot as well! I’m wanting to put a good sized piece of art to the right of the door. The other side of the tv…? I’m not sure yet. Perhaps my white deer, perhaps some shelves.

Here’s the couch. I want side tables that are really classified as chairside tables. This will allow me to keep the chaise side of the couch closer to the wall for the accent chair to have more room and hopefully room for a coffee table. You can also see the door way to the bath and bed rooms.

I put this collage together to hopefully check that the items I want go well together! I’m not dead set yet, but I think I want an oversized clock above the couch. Natural fiber rug and galvanized bucket for blankets. After I have these items I will be able to make a better decision about the walls. Shelves allow me to decorate more for the holidays. We have a limited amount of floor space to do things with… So we will see! 

I’m loving this lamp from hobby lobby, but because it’s a buffet lamp it may be too tall… It’s not super skinny like  outlet buffet lamps so it messes with me a little bit. It might make a great statement up against the wall the couch is on.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I will continue to share the ideas and before pictures of the other rooms, as well as ideas for the living room walls!


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