sneak peek

a quick peek

this is a bit rough (i dont have a nice camera…yet) , but i figured id share what i was up to with you all!

here are some before shots of my place for reference:


i had a huge obsession with pastels! which im somewhat over. er, i use them differently anyway! i realized i needed to narrow down what colors i loved, as well as how many objects i had! i needed some minimalism and some plants!


i have been wanting to fill up the space above my chest-of-drawers. i had a shelf for my little deer in mind, but i spied this cute little metal shadow box at Hobby Lobby and got to brainstorming. I found this great set of scrapbook paper by Glitz with the perfect bright yellow color i wanted and with cute little geometric lines to boot!


so i gave it a coat of paint and cut the paper down to size and voila! a new home for my deer! still more to come for this small area. as well as others…


still thinking of a new solution for a pendant light…the chandelier HAS TO GO! The couch needs toss pillows, wondows needs some light curtains, and i need a big ottoman asap!

some more art work next to/around Sir Henry. some unique prints and photographs and a piece or two of my own craftiness. im hoping to incorporate some black though to help the tv blend in a little.

the dining room is boring. i hate having the dog cage there, id much prefer a bar cart. and lots of art on the wall. and ive got a solution for the ugly rental lighting!

my bedroom has been the most neglected, but i was thrilled when i found my old duvet cover and this cute banner at hobby lobby. ive got lands for a bedside table (i need spring weather so badly!) im thinking coral shams from U.O. and some homemade pillowcases.


my table of projects! a couple are done, most just need frames! yay! ive got a few inspired by the lovely ladies over at ABM of course and others ive come up with myself! super excited to share more with you all! nesting is a forever thing for me!



Welcome to my little corner of the countryside.

Ok it’s not quite out in the country, but I do live in the wickedest little city in the west

and I’m here to share a little bit of my life with you!

I am crafty and dreamy by nature. so I’ll be sharing projects and inspirations  along with all the other things I’m interested in, or just to share about an interesting day!

So check back every now and then for something new. Hopefully I can keep up with you all!